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Ecoweb™ Geocell is installed quickly and easily by a 2 to 4 men crew of semi-skilled labor without any specialized equipment. Sections are shipped to the job site in collapsed form.

The work site shall be well prepared before the installation. The ground shall be compacted in accordance with the project specification. All surfaces to be deployed shall be free of all foreign and organic material or sharp objects.

Install geotextile along the back of the retaining wall. Geotextile will protect the system with filtration and drainage function. Place the granular base material and compact the base system to 95% standard proctor dry density.

Use the prefabrication frame to expand the section and install J-stakes to anchor the edge cells. To stretch the section to maximum area and allow it to relax.



Install geopipe in accordance with the designs. Ensure the drainage system is functioned by gravity. Ensure all pipe connections are properly made and the sub-drain pipe is connected to the outlet pipe or trench. Where specified, encapsulate the pipe with geotextile wrapped in bedding material (e.g. sand, gravel, clear stone, etc.). Ensure that the discharge at the outlet end will not cause localized erosion that may effect the stability of the system.

Expand the Ecoweb™ Geocell section into its designated position, ensure the panel is expanded to the maximum area and allow it to relax. Align and fasten the panels. Ensure they are specified as designs.
Backfill the system with the infill material and level to approximately 50mm above the cells. Compact infill material with equipments and methods in accordance with the project specification.
When stacking the next layer, ensure that:
· The proper setback of each panel is maintained as much as the design requires.
· Splicing of two or more panel is not installed in the front-to-back direction.
· Proper side-to-side cell alignment is maintained to prevent loss of cell infill material.
· Compact every surface of the panels well with equipment and methods in accordance with the specification.

The Ecoweb™ Geocell is structure built for the purpose of stabilizing very precipitous slopes using minimal land area, Besides constructing quickly, it can allow of larger displacement compared with concrete retaining wall. Ecoweb™ Geocell is durable and resistant to water, which offers more flexible cost-effective retaining system than conventional earth retention system.

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