Ecoweb™ Geocell EC150-712
Ecoweb™ Geocell system features low material density, reducing the load on building foundations and lowering infrastructure costs. It aligns with sustainable development principles, contributing to the promotion of green building and environmental engineering.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC200-712
Ecoweb™ Geocell system uses degradable materials, which have less impact on the environment, possesses a longer service life, and can reduce future maintenance costs.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC200-445
Ecoweb™ Geocell system can be used for soil improvement in various engineering projects such as roads, bridges, dams, golf courses, and landscape architecture, enhancing stability and durability. Additionally, the system can be applied to environmental restoration and ecological reconstruction projects, assisting in the recovery of contaminated or damaged soil environments.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC200-356
The Ecoweb™ Geocell system facilitates rainwater transmission while limiting water flow and soil loss. The stabilization of slope surfaces enables the construction of steeper slopes, which in turn results in lower carbon emissions and more efficient land use.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC150-445
Ecoweb™ GeoCellular Synthetics Co., Ltd. [Ecoweb Geocell] is the Premier Manufacturer of Ecoweb™ (Geocellular Confinement Systems) made of Ecoloy Technical HDPE material.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC100-445
Ecoweb™ Geocell system provides cost saving and effective solutions for soil stability problems in load support , shoreline protection, channel, slope and vegetated wall applications.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC150-356
Ecoweb™ Geocell is mainly made with ultrasonically-welded virgin High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE)with Ecoloy Formula that expaned on-site and filled with sand,soil,rock or concrete,etc.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC100-356
ECOWEB™ Geocell provides stability and sustainability for embankment materials such as concrete and aggregate and also creates a natural environment for selected vegetation
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC75-356
Ecoweb™ Geocell system allows rain water transmission and limits the water flow as well as the soil loss. Stabilization of the slope surface allows construction of steeper slopes which results in less carbon emission and use of land.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC75-445
ECOWEB™ Geocell system enhances the performance of soils by stabilizing and confining the materials with its ultimate strength expanded cells.
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Ecoweb™ Geocell EC100-712
Ecoweb™ Geocell three dimensional network confines the infill material and prevents lateral and vertical movement of the infill under concentrated loads or spread loads.
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ECOWEB™ Performance
ECOWEB™ Geocell is fully compliant with CE standards and specifications. Our products are manufactured using high technology at ISO certified facilities guaranteeing quality and traceability.
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