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Research discovered that the Geocells gravel bases are “equivalent to about Twice the thickness of unreinforced gravel bases” when placed over a saturated peat sub-base. Further, 1.25 mm (50 mil) HDPE performed better than single sheet reinforcement schemes (Geotextiles and Geogrids) and was more effective in reducing lateral spreading of the infill material under loading than conventional reinforced bases. In terms of the effectiveness of confinement, Geocells have more attractive features due to its 3D structure than any other planar geosynthetic reinforcement. Since this early work, the results of large-scale triaxial test on isolated Geocells has demonstrated that cellular confinement imparts apparent cohesion to cohesionless compacted granular material on the order of 169 kPa - 190 kPa (3500 psf - 4000 psf). Geocells are now recognized as an important technology when applied to load support under roads and rail lines, gravity and reinforced earth retaining wall systems, slope stabilization and erosion control, channel lining systems and other innovative uses. Geocells are widely used in construction for erosion control, soil stabilization on flat ground and steep slopes, channel protection, and structural reinforcement for load support and earth retention. Typical Geocells are made with ultrasonically-welded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that are expanded on-site to form a honeycomb-like structure which may be filled with sand, soil, rock or concrete.




Although Geogrid & Geotextile have many benefits, it is not always inexpensive to accomplish.

▲  The biggest difference between Geocell & Geogrid, Geotextile is that Geocell has a certain Depth, so makes it has a certain flexural capacity. This capacity can effectively spread from the upper structure of the vertical stress. At the same time, it also plays a role similar to the ‘deep foundation’, which can greatly improve the bearing capacity of foundation.

▲  Geocell is a three-dimensional system, the Geogrid & Geotextile is a two-dimensional (complanate) system, so the Geocell has certain bending resistance, can disperse the vertical stress of the upper structure.

▲  Geocell has great sidewise restriction and stiffness than Geogrid    

▲  Geocell has a better bearing capacity and the distributed load   

▲  Geocell requires 50% or less base material when material is confined to achieve the same load support requirements.

▲  Geocell brings much more Cost-effective benefits then the Other Geosynthetics.


 While all polymeric materials used in Geocell creep over time and under loading, the question is; what is the rate of degradation, under which conditions, how will this impact performance, and when will it fail? Thousands of constructions show that HDPE remains the safe and predominant choice.


The lifespan of Geocell in slope protection applications, for example, is less critical as vegetative growth and root interlock stabilize the soil. This in effect compensates for any long-term loss of confinement in the Geocells. Similarly, load support applications for low volume roads that are not subject to heavy loading usually have a short design life; therefore any minor loss of performance is tolerable. However, in critical applications such as reinforcement of the structural layer of asphalt highway pavements, long-term dimensional stability is critical. The required design life for such roads under heavy traffic loads is typically 20–25 years, requiring verifiable long-term durability. HDPE has a life of over 50 years and unlike other materials, is inert and stable.

HDPE-based Geocell Confinement Systems have been successfully installed in thousands of projects worldwide. However, it is incumbent to differentiate between low load applications, such as slope and channel applications, and new heavy-duty applications, such as in the base layer of asphalt pavement structures of heavily trafficked motorways and highways.


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