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Ecoweb™ Geocell is installed quickly and easily by a 2 to 4 men crew of semi-skilled labor without any specialized equipment. Sections are shipped to the job site in collapsed form.
If required, excavate and shape the sub-grade soil to the elevations, grades, and dimensions as shown on the drawings.


If the infill material is different from the sub-base material, a geotextile should be used as a separator. A woven or nonwoven fabric is selected depending on whether strength or permeability is important. Simply unroll the geotextile directly on the sub-grade, overlapping adjacent panels.
Determine where the first section of Ecoweb™ Geocell is to be placed and put stakes at the corners.

Stretch a section beyond its intended length and then allow it to relax. Place the section over the embedded stakes. Additional stakes may be needed along the perimeter in order to get full expansion of each cell. In situations where it is not practical to use stakes (over rocky soil, etc.) an installation frame may be needed. Adjacent sections are installed in a similar fashion and butted or stapled together to achieve continuous coverage.
Fill the first rows of cells with a front-end loader or dump truck and push the fill into cells using shovels or a bulldozer blade. A ‘ramp’ of fill material immediately adjacent to the Ecoweb™ Geocell will likely be necessary to allow equipment to climb onto the system. Continue until all cells are filled. Never allow any equipment to drive over unfilled cells. Always overfill the cells slightly to allow for consolidation.


Next, it is necessary to compact the Ecoweb™ Geocell system. The most common method of compacting is through multiple passes by the tracked equipment used to spread the infill. A vibrating roller and/or water may be required to achieve the specified level of compaction.
Once the cells are filled and the system is compacted, the Geocell base is ready to withstand heavy traffic loads.

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